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Ayurveda inspired wellness teas & spice blends based

with the intention of your well being, we handcraft teas and spice blends with organic ingredients

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we are what we eat

our inspiration, Ayurveda, literally means the knowledge of life. Ayurveda, a sister science of Yoga, promotes well-being by creating balance in body, mind and spirit.

according to Ayurveda, 'we are what we eat'. taking care of what we eat and drink can help us live well and in peace mentally and physically.

  • the elements

    everything in nature, including our bodies, are made of five elements earth, water, fire, air & ether. together, two elements make a functional energy (dosha)

  • the functional energies (doshas)

    vata dosha, made of air and ether, is responsible for movement e.g., blood circulation, movement of thoughts

    pitta dosha, made of fire and a bit of water, is responsible for transformation e.g., digestion, metabolism

    kapha dosha, made of earth and water, is responsible for lubrication and structure.

  • the balance

    when all the three doshas are in balance, one experiences health at a physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Ayurveda promotes well-being by bringing in balance these there doshas

how we imbibe principles of Ayurveda

each of our products is based on the philosophy of balancing one or more elements & doshas. know more about this in individual product descriptions!

we use only natural and organic ingredients to make our products.

Ayurveda describes the process of preparing food and drinks as one of the essentials of wellness. the food preparers state of mind and the kitchen atmosphere impacts the energetics the food carries. we meditate before a production run and chant along as we prepare products to keep the energetics clean.