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the einkorn goodies, ancient grain tea biscuits

the einkorn goodies, ancient grain tea biscuits

einkorn wheat, vegan, no refined sugar, whole grain

ingredients: einkorn whole wheat, coconut oil, maple syrup, baking powder, cardamom powder, vanilla extract, pink himalayan salt

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these tea biscuits are an ode to the mother of all wheat - einkorn. these delicious goodies... some might call them cookies are made with whole grain. these tea biscuits are vegan and are mildly sweetened with maple syrup. we tried our best to not meddle with the natural nuttiness of the einkorn wheat. why bother when an ancient grain, so full of flavor, is here to deliver contentment in every bite!

einkorn cookies;  ancient grain vegan tea biscuits

our einkorn wheat is grown in watsontown in pennslyvania USA, and stone milled by rivervalley community grains in marksboro, new jersey. this ancient wheat variety is considered the most primitive of all wheat varieties. amongst the many benefits of einkorn, it is considered to have a weak gluten structure, making it easier to digest!

enjoy these ancient grain vegan tea biscuits with a cuppa of tea, coffee, golden milk / mylk, as a snack or as a dessert, add it to your charcuterie board too.

this whole grain goodness is packed in reusable tins. each tin contains 12 tea biscuits (net weight 6.4 oz), giving you plenty of opportunities for a better indulgence. 

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